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Original Sauce stock a fantastic range of fruit e liquids.

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Our E Liquids

All modern electronic cigarettes are fuelled by e-liquid. This is this fluid that gives the electronic cigarette its flavour and creates the vapour you breathe out. 


We know that taste is a key aspect of the switch over from traditional smoking to vaping, and so we offer a vast array of flavoured e-liquids to help you make the transition.


What’s more, our liquids are incredibly good value, with prices starting from as low as £2.50, with additional discounts on bulk orders, and free delivery on everything over £25. 


We understand most soon to be ex-smokers want to continue with the taste of tobacco, so we offer a range of tobacco e liquids such as Virginia, Original tobacco, Gold & Silver as well as some specialist varieties like RY4 and Rainbow tobacco. 


Or you could choose sweet menthol or enjoy the taste of double mint as you vape. 


If you’re a fruit fan, you could choose from the distinctive flavour of cherry, or vape to the background taste of ginger secret, with strands of lemon, ginger and mint. All Original Sauce e liquids come in varying strengths too so we’re pretty sure we’ve got something for everyone.


Prefer something with a little more energising? Why not give energy cow or red lemon a try.


With so many satisfying tastes, you’re sure to find one to suit every mood, occasion and time of day.

Thanks for looking and we hope you enjoy browsing our site.

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